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In Matters of Law, there is no such thing as a little case. (Image)

Drug Charges

Thompson Law is fully experienced in all types of drug charges, including drug trafficking, manufacturing and distributing, and drug possession with intent to distribute. Thompson Law has extensive experience in criminal defense, including time spent in a prominent defense firm, experience in criminal appeals, and experience as a prosecutor.

Assault Charges

A situation in which one person assaults causing bodily injury is referred to as assault. It is an act, not an omission to act, that necessitates a purposeful or reckless element to induce another to anticipate immediate and unlawful violence. Thompson Law South Dakota assault lawyers have helped thousands of clients obtain excellent results in a variety of assault matters, including misdemeanor and felony assault charges.

Gun Charges

Our experience at Thompson Law can help you fight your federal weapons accusations by putting our knowledge to work for you. These are serious federal cases, and federal sentencing can be difficult to tackle without the help of an experienced defense lawyer. You will require the services of a federal criminal lawyer who is familiar with federal criminal law, the federal criminal court process, and federal sentencing guidelines.

Felony Charges

Felonies often include substantial physical or the fear of serious physical harm to victims, although they can also include white-collar crimes and fraud schemes. Habitual offenders can be charged with felonies for crimes that would otherwise be misdemeanors. Professional attorney services in Hughes county will implement hard-hitting defense techniques and tactics to get the best possible outcome in your case, whether you’re facing a misdemeanor charge for drug possession or a major felony.

In Matters of Law, there is no such thing as a little case. (Image)

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